Everything About Fireplace Designs

countrystonehomeThe fireplace is the focal point of your family, living or entertainment room. Why live another minute with an outdated and unattractive fireplace when an economical and straightforward solution is just a phone call away?

We get asked a lot of questions every single day. But most questions revolve around the same topics. So here’s some of the most frequently asked questions and topics.

Cost for a fireplace mantel

On average, a fireplace mantel costs between $2,000 and $3,500. This cost includes the procurement of quality materials and labor. However, larger more complicated jobs might be more expensive. Cheaper “do it yourself” mantels will cost less but in reality you must be an expert craftsman to put it together correctly. One slip up in measurements or with the bonding procedure and you’ll have a wasted mantel. It is best to leave it up to the professionals.

Fireplace mantel style

Choosing the right mantel is important. You should look for the style that best compliments your existing room. Our design experts can help make recommendations.

Concrete or stone?

The beauty of concrete is that it can be stained and etched to look EXACTLY like higher priced granite or marble. No one will be able to tell the difference.


Since our designs are prepared offsite it only takes a few hours to install over your existing fireplace. This does not include the removal of existing fireplace mantels, or fireplace surrounds.


Our design experts can help you choose which type of etching you would like in your new mantel. Choose from heavy etching with deep lines to light etching with hardly any distortion. All designs are custom made.

What colors?

We have many different stains that you can choose from. You can also choose a high gloss or low gloss stain. We recommend consulting our design expert who can recommend a color to counterbalance the design of your existing room.

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