Health Dangers Of A Fireplace

We love the beauty, crackling, warmth and coziness of a fire in the living room. But even we can’t ignore the fact that there are some dangers to having a fireplace. So let’s take a look at what these dangers are and how you can avoid them.

The biggest danger of a fire is the exposure to smoke.

Excessive exposure to smoke can lead to an asthma attack and bronchitis. If that’s not enough, it can also aggravate heart and lung disease. So make sure you don’t let smoke escape by keeping the damper open at all times and following the tips below. As a guide, you should never be able to smell smoke. If you do, then something is wrong.

The other danger of a fireplace is burning yourself. If you do get burned and it is a severe burn, then you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. If it is not severe at all, then you can use a natural home remedy for burns, such as coconut oil, which you can read all about here:

As a guide, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, even short term exposure to smoke can be detrimental to health. Make sure young and older people are not exposed, as they are more prone to the negative side effects of a fire.


Here’s some tips to make sure you limit exposure to smoke coming from the fireplace:

  • Always open the damper as soon as the fireplace fire is build and keep it open until the fire is completely out. These will prevent dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide to escape into your living room.
  • Don’t use charcoal, as it can lead to excessive carbon monoxide escaping into the room.
  • Don’t let pets or young children get too close to an active fire. Dogs like the heat, but you’ll have to prevent them from coming too close, as this can burn them.
  • Each season, you should have you flue and chimney inspected and cleaned.

With these tips, you should be ok. But it’s important to be vigilant. Also, make sure you enjoy your fireplace. It is dangerous if you don’t maintain the fireplace, and if you don’t build the fire in the right way. But apart from that, it can bring heat into a home, and make your winters so much better.

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