Top Tips On How To Light A Fireplace Fire

Making a fire isn’t something we’re taught at school unfortunately. So I know a lot of people that just don’t have a clue where to start when making a fireplace fire. When they do give it a try, they either do a terrible job and the fire is not long lived. Or worse, they end up smoking the entire room out. So here’s my top tips to build a great fireplace fire (and a video to show you how to build the best fire possible).

Step 1

Use seasoned wood, since this has lost much of it’s moisture. The way to know its seasoned wood is that it will appear darker and will be lighter (due to the loss of moisture). Seasoned wood will also smoke much less than young, wetter wood.

Step 2

Open the damper, as having the damper closed is the primary reason smoke comes out of the fireplace for many people.

Step 3

Open a window. Last thing you want to do in the winter, but a fireplace actually needs a lot of air to burn up, so this will fuel the fire and make it warmer much faster.

Step 4

Turn off the furnace, since it’s unnecessary and will compete with the fireplace fire.

Step 5

Burn an upside down fire, which works much better. So wood will be at the bottom, and newspapers will be at the top.

The good news is that you don’t have to just read my tip tips, just watch the video, and learn by seeing someone else do it first. Hope this helps!

Following these steps will have you building a fireplace fire like a pro in no time! Enjoy the winter, which will be cozy, warm and fun (now that you know all about building a fire). Let me know in the comments what your tip has been.

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